Dan Savoie has made a significant impact across various media fields, including radio, television, movies, journalism, and photography. In radio, he's known for his work as a disc jockey at stations like CJPT-FM and CHET-FM in Canada. He also played a big role at CHET-FM as the second general manager. Dan's broadcasting skills extended to television, where he worked as an audio producer and video operator at the Global Television Network in Regina, Saskatchewan.
His radio career also includes hosting and producing "RockStar Weekly," a Canadian radio program that ran until mid-2015. This show featured weekly interviews with well-known celebrities. Currently, Dan hosts a segment on COOL-FM in Windsor/Detroit.
In the magazine world, Dan and his wife, April, launched Rockstar Weekly in 2009, a website initially focused on Canadian rock music that evolved into a broader pop culture and rock magazine. In 2011, Dan introduced RockStar Magazine, a print and digital publication featuring celebrities. Now, as publisher/editor of 519 Magazine, he covers diverse topics from music to movies. Dan's extensive writing also includes contributions to Rolling Stone, Metal Edge, and Metal Hammer, delving into entertainment, gaming, and cultural topics.
As a photographer, Dan has captured hundreds of concerts, festivals, and music events since 1995. This includes big events like the MuchMusic Video Awards, JUNO Awards, and Canadian Country Music Awards.
Dan has also made his mark in television and film. He has appeared in TV shows like "Due South," "Crime Stories," "Disasters Of The Century," and "Reaper." His film work includes roles in "Asterix," "Vadasz," "Project Projection," and minor roles in big movies like “2012,” “Jennifer’s Body,” and “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.” Besides acting, he's also behind the camera, producing films through his companies South Detroit Films and Shhh! Silent Films. His films have been shown at festivals in the UK and Canada.
Overall, Dan Savoie's career showcases his wide-ranging talents and his significant contributions to Canada's cultural scene. He's successfully navigated different areas of media, showing dedication and versatility in arts and entertainment.
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